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Pie Design

  • Online for individual instructors through MaxKnowledge (link this to maxknowledge information)

  • Available as a PowerPoint download for group sessions (click through to “Pie PowerPoint program support”)

  • Includes all materials need for presentation and follow up

  • Brief chapters to accommodate time available

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Pie Benefits

  • Presents topics relevant to new and experienced instructors

  • Suggests methods that enhance student learning and

  • Presents tips and recommendations for classroom

  • Supports requirements for faculty professional development

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Pie Features

  • Animated and Narrated

  • Enjoyable and entertaining

  • Interactive with KlickerZ response system (optional)

  • Provides opportunities for the faculty to share and encourage
    each other

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Pie Resources

  • Program handouts, activities and case studies

  • Classroom observation tool and self-evaluation survey

  • Presenter’s guide and Train-the-Trainer guidance

  • Review and testing options

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